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          Fujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Corporation Limited?-?Company?-?LS Culture
          LS Culture

          Our Corporate Logo and the Explanation

          The corporate logo of Fujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Corporation Limited is formed by "L" and "S" with the meanings of Chinese "long" (dragon), "sheng" (growing, vigor) and English "long-standing", "long-safty" and "long-satisfaction". The implications of the picture are: LS is devoted to create outstanding products and good services at home and abroad with high precision in decision making, management, production and operation; LS is engaged in generating maximum values for its clients, stockholders, staffs and cooperators with an ultimate goal of becoming a strong and growing modem corporation group to lead the global market.

          "Long" incorporates the advantages of other creatures in itself so it becomes stronger than others: LS absorbs the advantages of its counterparts in the industry to perfect itself.  "Sheng" means "multiplying endlessly, overflowing with vigor and forging ahead forever": just like a vigorous giant dragon leaping and soaring in the sky, LS strides proudly ahead in the leading matrix of global enterprises.

          The globe-like oval periphery of the logo expresses the global vision and internationalization prospects of LS. Blue color means delicate, internal restrain and romantic life concepts for universal love and incessancy of LS. Red color represents passion and absolute sincerity. These two standard colors express exactly the key value of LS "Being Honest and Perfect. Great Virtue for Great Success", fully demonstrating the brand image of LS: forever honest, broad-minded and outstanding-pursuing.


          Corporate Mission

          Focus on excellent products and services

          Strive for stability and efficiency of every transmission


          Corporate Prospects

          Devote to be a leading domestic and world renowned provider of machinery parts

          Share the advanced values and contribute to employee success


          Corporate Spirits

          Pragmaticalness and Progressive


          Key Value

          Promoting Moral and Working Perseveringly,Being Honest and Perfect


          Management Philosophy

          Keen and curious in learning

          Wise and agile in decision-making

          Innovative and creative in work

          Efficient in operations

          Appealing to talents

          Seeking harmony and mutual benefits





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